Our History

Since 1982 a leading manufacturer of fashion contents.

In March 1982 the first number of the magazine “CANALE MODA” was published, and unlike the usual paper magazines was distributed on video-tape.
Such ground-breaking and revolutionary tool, as it was the video magazine, gathered the most significant phases/highlights of Milanese and Parisian fashion shows, the interviews with haute couture designers and professionals, and nonetheless the work of fashion journalists, make-up artists and hair stylists.

Since the late 80s, through the advent of the “London Fashion Week”, the magazine format enhanced becoming a selected collection of the fashion shows in Milan, Paris and London with the addition of the brand new special issues: the former dedicated to evening dresses and the latter to knitting.

The result was a publishing project both unique and futuristic at the time, especially thanks to the contribution of “Wella”, one the most renowned hair-style companies, which wanted to offer, within its salons, the display of the highest quality videos of the international designers.

Today the magazine, in digital tape and with the brand FASHION CHANNEL, is still published, and has arrived to the 285th issue.

In the 90s, thanks to the participation in the world's most relevant trade fairs and its request by prestigious University Institutions, the video-magazine audience increased.

In 1997 FASHION CHANNEL started to provide contents to the first satellite channel concerning fashion:

"Fashion TV", whom it would work with until 2005.

World Fashion Channel” until 2007,

“Fashion One” in 2010.

Such agreement enabled FASHION CHANNEL to become the only content provider to contribute to the birth of three different satellite networks of fashion events and lifestyle.

During its constant development FASHION CHANNEL has made ​special video attachments to magazines and publishing groups around the world, among which it is delight to remember “Rusconi Editore” and “Condé Nast”