Post Production and Video Finishing

Thirty-year experience at the service of fashion

FASHION CHANNEL counts on six post production stations able each of them to run for threeb daily shifts. The structure is able to handle great working loads, as it is used to work during the frenetic fashion weeks, in which several events cross each other in few days (and nights!).

FASHION CHANNEL supplies its customers according to the more appropriate method to obtain a final product:


  • Technical and content analysis¬†
  • Data capture and conversions from and for all video sizes and systems
  • Definition of the editing tools (Avid - Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, ecc.).
  • Selection, addition and synchronization of original soundtracks
  • Cutting session with or without director
  • Single 2D/3D creation, animations and special effects
  • Optimizations and refining
  • Exportation and delivery to every kind of support