Television Formats

Selected and interpreted Fashion.

FASHION CHANNEL since the creation of the video magazine CANALE MODA, and then through the collaboration with the thematic televisions, has acquired remarkable experience realizing historic formats such as:

  • “A Day With” (an entire day following the greatest top model between casting, shooting and catwalks)
  • “Designer Weekend Anniversary” (a full weekend dedicated to brands and designers and their history and tradition told in a four-hours program made with original clips and broadcasted worldwide via satellite)
  • “Celebrity Style” (the VIP look from catwalks to red carpets)
  • “Top Ten Season Hit List” (special issues dedicated to the top ten garments for each category)
  • “Fashion & Movie” (the cinema inspires the creativity of the designers and their shows)

Thanks to its authorial department, FASHION CHANNEL is able to provide the realization of original formats. The license of registered formats and the supply of the contents to realize them, is indeed what enables the customers of Fashion Channel to benefit of an innovative product, while being economically accessible.